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The Words Employers are Looking for on Your Job Application

The Words Employers are Looking for on Your Job Application

Finding a new healthcare job is a little bit like a game—but one that requires research and introspection. First, you need to understand yourself and what you’ve accomplished so far in your career. Second, you need to find out exactly what your desired job role requires of applicants. After that, your job application and resume become a game of matching. Are you up for the challenge?

Choosing buzz words to include when you apply

Buzz words differ by job and by industry, so no application or resume should be “off the shelf;” it’s simply not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. And it shouldn’t be—you want your new employer to know that you took the time and effort to do your very best. Also, you want to outsmart any electronic resume review programs that will scan your paperwork for keywords. Therefore, you’ll need to do some sleuthing to determine which key words to include when you apply for your next healthcare position.

Pay attention to nouns

Read through the job posting to which you’re applying. In the job description, especially under the requirements section, the employer will list exactly what he or she is looking for. Key words to include in your application and resume will need to match the required education, certifications, licenses, degree, process, service or any other nouns that are specifically mentioned in the job post.

Choose the right verbs

When you’ve covered all the appropriate nouns, it’s time for powerful verbs! You want to show the hiring manager you’re a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare world, and you can do this by choosing the right action words. Avoid words that sound fluffy and overgeneralized (especially adverbs—there’s no need to modify a verb if it’s already a good one!), and opt for strong verbs that show what you have accomplished, such as managed, increased, solved, led, fixed or resolved.

Be picky about your adjectives

Only include descriptive words—such as strong or experienced—if you feel they are absolutely necessary to illustrate your success as a healthcare professional. Otherwise, they can make your application and resume appear clunky and exaggerated. Stay away from words such as effective, helpful, smart or dedicated. Most employers will assume that if you list a skill, it’s something you do well.

Use industry jargon

If you regularly read healthcare industry journals, websites or research studies, include words and phrases that are currently in the news. This shows you’re part of “the club” and know what’s happening in your particular industry. This is a bonus on your application.

Take the time to impress

When you win a new job, you’ll be glad you put in the extra effort to make your application and resume that much better than the competition. You’ve worked hard so far in your career and you deserve to land the position you want!

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