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Why You Should Accept an Assignment in a Smaller City

Why You Should Accept an Assignment in a Smaller City

When choosing your next travel nurse assignment, what’s on your bucket list? Have you considered slowing down from a fast-paced big city to an assignment in a quaint small town? The benefits of living in a smaller city can offer you a welcome change of pace as a respite for your next travel nurse placement.

Picture it: Sleepy little neighborhoods where families know each other, fairs and cookouts, locally owned markets and corner stores, white picket fences … and opportunities for you as a travel nurse! Consider the following five ways you can benefit from a smaller town:

  • The opportunity for higher pay. Locations off the beaten path still need nurses to staff their hospitals. So if you choose a smaller city that’s not a travel destination, you may find they pay their travel nurses more—especially during off-seasons.
  • Cheaper housing options. If you choose not to elect the housing option provided by your travel nurse staffing agency, your housing stipend will go much further in a small city where rent typically costs less.
  • More affordable living costs. Many things are more affordable in a smaller town, including groceries, haircuts, spa services and even clothing. You may even find yourself shopping at locally owned mom-and-pop–style stores and avoiding big-box chains, so you’ll also be stimulating the local economy.
  • Slower pace. With less population comes less traffic and an easier commute into work. You’ll experience more convenient parking and fewer crowds. This means you won’t have to wait in an endless line for your morning coffee or for a table when you go out to eat.
  • Less crime. Smaller cities generally experience less crime. This makes it safer and easier to do things like exploring on your own, or stopping by a local store and leaving your bike outside. If you’re traveling with children, smaller towns make it safer and easier for them to play outside.

Where will your travel nurse career take you next?

From the charm of small towns to the hustle and bustle of big cities, from adventures in the mountains to relaxation on the beach—your travel nurse career gives you the opportunity to see the U.S.! Where will you go next?

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