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Tips for Writing Your Travel Pharmacy Job Search Communications

Tips for Writing Your Travel Pharmacy Job Search Communications

Searching for work as a traveling pharmacist is very similar to looking for work at “just one” pharmacy, but with a few minor twists.

Read below for tips on writing your travel pharmacy cover letter, resume/CV, interview thank you notes, and acceptance letters.

  • As you write a cover letter, remember that one of the things that the travel staffing service and its clients are looking for are pharmacists who roll with the punches, who understand the need to be flexible and don’t get stressed when plans change. You should personalize each letter to the particular staffing service and/or assignment supervisor. Keep it concise. Understand that staffing services hire pharmacists as travelers to solve their clients’ problems, not to help a pharmacist see the country. In other words, it’s not about you, it’s about them.
  • In your resume/CV, make sure you highlight some specific examples of your flexibility (as mentioned above, travel staffing services and their clients are looking for travelers who can show flexibility). Aim to give very specific examples.
  • After your interview, write a thank you note as soon as possible. Whether you interview in person or via phone or video conference, it’s imperative that you write a thank you note. But this isn’t just a “thank you for speaking with me” missive. Done correctly, a thank you note can really help your candidacy. You should mention something specific that was brought up during the interview (a challenge facing the staffing service/assignment pharmacy) and mention how your specific skills and/or background can help solve that problem. Also mention how eager you are to start working with the staffing firm/on the assignment.
  • Before writing an acceptance letter to the offer of employment, you should call the staffing manager to discuss anything you don’t understand or want to negotiate. Call your staffing manager whether the offer letter is for working with the staffing firm or for a particular assignment; remember that you work for the staffing service while on assignment, not the pharmacy, so any negotiation should take place with your staffing manager. Discuss with the staffing manager what the letter states and get all questions answered. If there’s something you want to negotiate, decide before calling what you will and won’t settle for. Once you and the staffing manager agree to your offer, he or she more than likely will send you another offer letter (if there are changes). Your acceptance letter can then be fairly short, saying how you look forward to working with the staffing service and that you accept the offer as written (on the date that’s on the letter).

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