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Planning Out 2012 – Tips for Travel Nurses and Therapists

Planning Out 2012 – Tips for Travel Nurses and Therapists

– January through March: Skiing out West
– March through May: Warm up down South
– June through August: Spend some time in the Midwest
– September through October: Enjoy the Fall in New England
– November through December: Connect with some friends in the Southwest

What’s your schedule look like for 2012? 

If you don’t know yet, what are you waiting for?  One of the biggest benefits of being a travel nurse or therapist is the ability to visit new areas, gain new experiences, and spend time in cities and regions across the country.

But how do you choose where to take your next assignment?  Here are a few tips:

Talk with your travel agency/recruiter.
Discuss what types of opportunities they currently have available.  Talk about what areas of the country, and what areas of practice are most appealing to you.

Think about the weather, ahead of time.
Are you a snowbird?  Do you like the heat?  Does high humidity bother you?  These are things to consider when planning out the next year.

Do you have family and friends in specific areas?
As a travel nurse/therapist, you have the chance to visit cities and regions with old friends and relatives.  It’s a great opportunity to reconnect and make more great memories.  Think about who you would love to spend time with and search for opportunities in those areas.

Build a bucket list.
Have you always wanted to ski Aspen?  Would you love to learn how to surf?  Take the time to build a list of all the things you would love to do, and then plan assignments around those things.

Last but not least, call MedPro.

At MedPro, we have outstanding travel nursing and therapist jobs located across the country.  No matter what your interests, we can help you find a position that is great professional fit, and lets you enjoy your personal time too!


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