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How A Traveling Medical Assignment Can Help You Pay Med School Bills Fast!

How A Traveling Medical Assignment Can Help You Pay Med School Bills Fast!

Whether you’re a physician, registered nurse, pharmacist, or speech, physical or occupational therapist, chances are you have a significant debt load as a result of taking the graduate-level educational program required for entry into the field.

What’s the average debt load? For physicians reported that in “2010 the average med student graduated with more than $145,000 in debt, according to data collected in U.S. News‘s fall 2011 survey of medical schools. For doctors graduating from private schools in 2010, the average debt load jumps almost $10,000.”

The average pharmacist’s debt isn’t much better. The Health Workforce Information Center in March reported in a 2011 survey of graduating pharmacy students that the average amount borrowed to attend a pharmacist program at a public school was $98,605.

If you’re a few years out of school, you can understand that paying off your loans is a slow process. One solution to help you pay off your medical school debt would be to work as a travel healthcare professional. Working as a traveling physician, nurse, pharmacist or therapist can be a great way to pay that debt off more quickly.

Why? Because you could be making more money.

As a traveling health professional you’ll receive a per diem rate that’s more than your work-in-one-place counterparts receive in salary. In addition, many traveling staffing firms such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing offer plenty of bonus opportunities. MedPro, for example, could pay its traveling professionals as much as $20,000 more a year in referral bonuses alone. We also pay out longevity bonuses to those healthcare professionals who work with us for a long time.

Working as a traveling professional can be a terrific career move for a healthcare practitioner with at least 1-3 years’ experience. Contact a MedPro recruiter today to learn more!


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