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Don’t Get Stuck Without a Travel Nursing Assignment

Don’t Get Stuck Without a Travel Nursing Assignment

As a travel nurse or therapist, you are used to the ebb and flow of work, the transition from one assignment to the next. It’s one of the most exciting — and possibly draining — parts of the job. As you prepare to leave an assignment, it can be difficult to prioritize and consider where you’ll be going for your next assignment.

Don’t wait until the last minute to line up your next travel assignment!

Unless you’re taking a planned vacation or are looking for a break, waiting until the last minute to line up your next travel assignment is a bad idea. If you wait until the last minute you could end up:

– Waiting longer than expected between assignments
– Landing an assignment outside of your preferred locations
– Taking an opportunity with hours or shifts outside your preference

Get the picture? Waiting too long could mean that you end up not landing your preferred choice for an assignment – or worse, you could end up waiting awhile for any assignment!

When is the right time to plan for your next assignment?

Consider looking for your next assignment within 4-6 weeks before the end of your current assignment. At MedPro, we post a wide range of available travel nurse or therapist assignments that provide you with enough time to plan and transition.

At certain times of year, you may want to be especially vigilant about lining up your next assignment. Many nurses tend to relax around the holidays. Most travel nurses aren’t interested in taking an assignment that requires them to work on holidays (although those opportunities are out there if you’re interested!). While you’ve certainly earned an opportunity to enjoy the Thanksgiving and December holidays with your family, this is also a key time to begin looking for assignments in the new year.

When thinking about the upcoming year, holiday time is a prime time to begin searching for your next assignment. Healthcare facilities are often planning their budgets for the upcoming year around the holidays, and will begin planning their staffing needs for the early months of the year.

While the holidays present a unique opportunity to plan for the upcoming year and be proactive, it’s always a good time to be proactive about lining up your next travel assignments. And an essential part of keeping your assignments flowing is communication with your recruiter. Your recruiter will work behind the scenes while you continue caring for your patients in your current assignment, so that you don’t miss a beat as you move on to the next.

Ready to plan for your next assignment?

Contact MedPro – we’ll work with you to find the perfect travel nursing or therapy assignment for your needs.


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