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Tips for Meeting Fellow “Travelers” While on Assignment

Tips for Meeting Fellow “Travelers” While on Assignment

Once you’ve accepted a travel assignment you may be wondering how you’re going to make new friends once you’re there.

Whether this is your first time traveling, or your hundredth, read the tips below for ideas on how to make new friends among a facility’s regular crew as well as other fellow “travelers.”

Check with your MedPro Healthcare Staffing supervisor to see if there are any other folks working for us on assignment at your facility. Make a point of introducing yourself to them when you arrive.

In fact, why not contact them before your arrival? You can swap “travel tales” and get tips on fun things to do in your temporary home while on assignment.

If no one from MedPro is working at your assignment facility, ask at the facility when you get there if there are other travelers on site who are there from other travel staffing services. Make a point of introducing yourself to them. Once again, you can swap tips and tales from the “travel trenches.”

Check out to find groups that do the things in which you’re interested. Love to hike? We’re certain there’s a group of like-minded folks in every town. Do you knit? Love salsa dancing? Play bridge? There’s sure to be a group for you!

Make a point of “doing what locals do.” For example, if your assignment has landed you in Pennsylvania Dutch country, why not enjoy one of the many festivals – and whoopee pies – that spring up in the summer? Try your hand at quilting – you’re bound to make new friends this way, and these folks will be of a different ilk than your friends at work. That’s one of the great things about working a travel assignment – you can experience many new “cultures” right here in the U.S.

You’re the new guy or gal. People are busy. They may want to be friendly and helpful, but “life” often gets in the way. Make it your mission to be the one to make offers for getting together for coffee, going to the movies, heading out on a weekend to hear a new jazz band, etc.

Many people host an “open house” when they move into a new home. Why not host an “open apartment” for your colleagues once you’ve been on assignment for a week or two? Invite colleagues (and those new friends you’ve met in your quilting class) to your on-assignment home for pizza or dessert?

We’ve placed hundreds of healthcare professionals in travel assignments at medical facilities all across the country since 1983, and we’ve learned “a bit” about making new friends from our employees who have successfully done so on assignment. Contact a MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter today to learn more!


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