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The Insider’s Guide to Working With a Travel Healthcare Recruiting Firm

The Insider’s Guide to Working With a Travel Healthcare Recruiting Firm

If you need to supplement your healthcare staff on a temporary basis, you might choose to work with travel healthcare workers. They can help you maintain full staffing levels during times of increased caseloads, leaves of absence or when you need additional healthcare staff. If you’re deciding how you’ll supplement your staff, it’s a good idea to consider partnering with a travel healthcare recruiting firm. And if you do, you’ll want to follow a few key steps to find one that fits best with your facility.

The benefits of working with a travel healthcare recruiting firm

One of the best, most efficient ways to find travel healthcare employees is by working with a niche staffing agency. You’ll gain several advantages over trying to find and place employees on your own. Consider the following:

  • Draw from deep talent pools. Staffing agencies have broad networks of candidates—both active (those currently looking for jobs) and passive (those currently employed and not looking for jobs). And depending on the travel agency, you’ll be able to recruit workers from across the country, and sometimes internationally. This greatly increases the chances that you’ll find workers perfectly matched to your facility and job requirements.
  • Benefit from industry experience. If you work with a niche travel staffing agency (one that specializes in a particular industry) your recruiter will be intimately familiar with the qualifications and experience required of top-notch travel healthcare workers. This will make it much easier to be placed with highly qualified staff best suited to your facility’s needs. Niche staffing agencies can be better fits than generalist firms—or those that serve as a “jack of all trades” in the staffing industry.
  • Save time and money. When you’re able to find travel employees quickly and easily, you’ll have time to focus on other aspects of management. And though staffing agencies do charge fees to place staff, these are much less in comparison to the cost (both of money and of time) you’ll incur searching for workers on your own.

How to find a staffing agency that fits

When looking for a recruiting firm that will work well with your facility’s unique staffing needs, you can locate possibilities through:

  • Professional organizations.
  • A simple Google search.
  • Recommendations from your colleagues.

Once you find potential staffing partners, you’ll want to contact each one and ask a few questions to determine compatibility with your facility. Information to gather includes:

  • Does the facility conduct complete background screenings, including reference checks and drug testing?
  • Do they offer assistance to workers with paperwork and travel arrangements, including licensure and housing?
  • What do they charge and what do their fees include?
  • How much experience do they have—how many travel workers do they successfully place each month?

With these and other questions, you can gauge how well a staffing firm will be able to place you with the travel workers you need.

Need a travel healthcare staffing agency you can rely on?

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is an industry leader in placing quality healthcare professionals with travel assignments. Since 1983, this Joint Commission–certified staffing agency has made both nationwide and international placements, working with more than 2,500 healthcare facilities in the United States. To learn more about how we can work with you to find the right travel healthcare workers, contact one of our experienced recruiters today.


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