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Test Tips: How to Prepare for NCLEX Exam Day

Test Tips: How to Prepare for NCLEX Exam Day

Preparing for your NCLEX exam can be stressful. If you’re looking for tips on how to get ready and boost your score on test day, you’ve come to the right place! The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a test required for nurses to pass in order to begin working in their profession. The test is mostly made up of multiple-choice questions, but some will also be multiple-response, fill-in-the-blank, hot spots, chart/exhibit and drag-and-drop varieties.

Here are 3 different ways you can prepare yourself for the day of the NCLEX exam!

1. Dress in comfortable clothes

One of the best ways you can prepare yourself for the actual day of the exam is to wear something comfortable. There is nothing worse than trying to focus on your test and having to worry about a shirt that is uncomfortable, or pants that are to baggy or tight. Also be sure to bring a jacket with you, as the room you are testing in might be a bit cold.

2. Get your timing right

A good reason to take practice NCLEX exams is not just to get a feel for the kind of question you will be answering, but also to see if you can manage your time correctly. You have 6 hours to complete the exam, with two optional breaks. Try taking a practice test and setting a timer to see if you can get all questions answered in the amount of time given. If you cannot on the first few tries, keep practicing, and you’ll be ready for exam day.

3. Be sure to arrive early!

It’s great to be on time, but when it comes to a test as important as the NCLEX, you’ll want to arrive 30 minutes early to your exam. You might have trouble locating your room that you are testing in, might run into traffic, and other factors. In order to ensure that you are not late, leave earlier than you would normaly need to. If you are more than 30 minutes late to your exam, you will have to re-register and pay for another exam.

As long as you study and prepare yourself prior to the exam, and follow these tips for exam day, you should not fear the exam! Stress can make test day hard, so try your best to practice breathing exercises before and during the NCLEX if you feel anxious.

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