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Stacey Edwards: Bringing the Winning Energy

Stacey Edwards: Bringing the Winning Energy

You hear her before you see her as she strides past cubicles and down hallways, usually smiling, always upbeat and energetic. For the past eight years, Senior Vice President of Talent and Marketing, Stacey Edwards, has been an integral part of MedPro’s success. A novice to the industry when she joined the team, she has used her extensive experience in hospitality and sales and a ferocious competitive spirit to redefine the MedPro experience in and outside the office.


Finding a Calling
Stacey Edwards, her son Blake, daughters Sydney (front) and Addison, and husband Eric attend the 12th Annual Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute Fort Lauderdale Turkey Trot.

Edwards’ journey into healthcare staffing began in medicine. “I was studying molecular biology to become a dermatologist, but I soon realized it wasn’t my calling.” Just 18 years old and working at a restaurant in Orlando, she loved interacting with people and was known for her “bubbly” personality. Her parents suggested she take an introductory course in hospitality, and she fell in love with the industry. After an internship at Universal Studios, Edwards graduated with a degree in business and hospitality from the University of Central Florida and got her first professional shot working for Marriott Hotels and Resorts.

She was assigned to a property management program in South Miami to work as an assistant front office manager. Edwards had never worked in a hotel before, and the week she started, her boss quit. She was 21 years old and suddenly in charge of the front office, the bellman, the valet—everyone. Edwards worked days, nights, overnights, whatever it took to get the job done. “I wanted to be seen and do well.” She did both. “I thrive in that environment—just being thrown to the wolves.” Edwards worked in operations for just a few years, but wanting a family and recognizing the job’s demands, she pivoted to sales, where she found her true passion. It was the start of a 10-year run that culminated as director of sales for the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City.


Leap of Faith

Edwards was at the top of her game when MedPro Healthcare Staffing CEO Liz Tonkin asked her to head a new division. She had known Tonkin for 25 years. They were neighbors when Edwards was growing up, and she briefly worked for Tonkin as a teenager, doing collection calls at her former staffing company. “Liz was and is the real deal.  She commanded the room, and she always inspired me as a woman in business.” Throughout Edwards’ career, Tonkin was someone she looked up to professionally, watching Tonkin put in the work and achieve success. So, in 2016, Edwards took a leap of faith, leaving her position at the Ritz Carlton and 12 years of friendships, customers, and success, and joined the MedPro team. “I was nervous, but I knew it was the right decision,” said Edwards. Her first few months were challenging, dealing with the insecurities of starting over in a new industry. Still, with time, effort, and achievement, Edwards would earn respect, enhancing company culture and redefining MedPro’s approach to the traveler experience.


‘I Want to Win’
Stacey Edwards poses with her little as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County School to Work Workplace Mentoring Program. MedPro was named the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year.

Whether it’s kickball, sales, or karaoke, Edwards brings the competitive fire. “I want to have the best team. I want to have the best culture. I want to impact the industry. I want to win.” Her efforts at MedPro started with the travelers. Alone, in a new city, and away from family and friends, nurses and allied professionals lacked a sense of community and connectedness. “MedPro Experience was the first program I created from scratch, and it was a labor of love,” said Edwards. The fundamentals that made MedPro Experience a success were carried into the office. Halloween was already a big event, but Edwards built off the holiday, developing new events and activities. “Culture was a winning formula for attracting new quality talent. And I wanted to carry Liz’s torch forward.”  Edwards believed employees needed to feel good about coming to work, whether through learning on the job, having fun, or giving back to the community. During a time of division, she sought to bring people together through philanthropy, starting MedPro Gives, which has raised significant money for various charitable organizations throughout the years.

As fulfilling as those successes have been, Edwards still missed the satisfaction she took from sales. So, after two years, she expanded her responsibilities, taking over marketing where she could examine the leads and conversions and the department’s impact on outcomes. Then, recognizing how her efforts aligned with corporate talent acquisition, she took on the department and talent development as well. “So much of what I try to bring to the team is the energy to win,” said Edwards. “When I arrive every morning, I want to know how many Explorers we have on assignment and what kinds of deals we locked that week. Those wins and knowing how our team contributes motivate me every day.”


Digging Deep
Stacey Edwards and MedPronians pose at the annual company picnic. MedPro holds events and activities for company employees throughout the year.

The challenges of the pandemic were immense, but so were the opportunities. Not only did MedPro deliver for an established and nationally recognized client, but the company emerged from the pandemic more robust, agile, and committed. Edwards believes future success lies in digging deeper, tending to our Explorers’ needs, and leaning into our strengths. One of the company’s biggest differentiators is its service. “We’re not ok with an 80 percent fill rate. We’re committed to filling 100 percent of our client needs. I think that’s the difference,” said Edwards. Additionally, MedPro has invested heavily in the clinical team. “Having a CEO and other leaders and staff who are RNs is a huge part of who we are and what we’re striving for.” Ultimately, quality of service will determine the company’s success, a fact Edwards was privy to just recently when her father-in-law was at a Texas facility and was initially receiving subpar treatment.

“I got a call that he was now being tended to by a MedPro International nurse and that she was outstanding. That meant everything.”   It’s that commitment to quality that fuels Edward’s confidence in the company.   While many agencies are cutting back and laying off workers, MedPro is bucking the trend. And by using technology to further customize the Explorer experience through initiatives such as our recently launched MPX+ app, she hopes to increase Explorer satisfaction, growth, and retention.

Edwards has seamlessly transitioned through various roles at MedPro. A glance into her office reveals a dazzling collection of awards and trophies commemorating her accomplishments. Still, she’s steadfastly focused on the future. “We don’t want to be the biggest agency, but we do want to carve a niche that differentiates us in the next digital wave and be the best at what we do.”


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