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6 Travel OT Job Interview Questions to Expect

6 Travel OT Job Interview Questions to Expect

6 Travel OT Job Interview Questions to Expect

If you’re interviewing for a position as a traveling occupational therapist, read below for six interview questions you can expect to hear.

  1. First, understand that you may not get an interview with your assignment supervisor. Most of your interviews will take place with the traveling healthcare service’s staffing managers and/or recruiters. You may be asked to interview with an assignment supervisor, but this is rare and probably will occur only when the travel assignment is for six months or longer.
  2. Travel staffing services are looking for healthcare professionals who are flexible and take change in stride. Be prepared to answer questions regarding how well you deal with change, how quickly you can learn new routines and a department’s particular “way of doing things.”
  3. The staffing service also wants to know how well you can get along with people from background, regions, etc., far different from what you know. Be prepared to give your interviewer specific examples of how you successfully forged working relationships with people very different from you.
  4. Travel assignment facilities need healthcare professionals who are experienced and who can be of value to the facility and the facility’s patients from pretty much day one (if not from the very first hour of that first day). Therefore, your staffing supervisor will go over your experience very carefully. Be prepared to discuss in detail your experience with different types of therapies, diagnoses, and therapy plans/outcomes. The more experience you have, the better, but it’s up to you to show/tell your interviewer that you have the experience; don’t let the interviewer have to dig for it.
  5. A natural question you may be asked is “Why do you want to work as a traveling OT?” Your answer should be thoughtful and thought out. “Well, I want to travel!” is not a great answer. It’s assumed you want to travel. But why do you want to work as a traveling OT? What do you expect/hope to get out of the experience of being a traveler?
  6. Your interviewer will probably ask you what you love most and dislike most about being an OT. What you love can be just about anything, but be careful what you say you dislike most. If you say you hate how sometimes patients don’t arrive and you find it hard to switch gears, that’s a red flag that you can’t handle constantly changing priorities.

In a nutshell, your interviewer wants to find out if you are someone who can handle stress, change, that you get along with people from all walks of life, that you enjoy most aspects of being an OT and that you understand what working as a healthcare traveler can and cannot do for your career.

If you’ve decided that working as a traveling occupational therapist is right for you at this time and if you have at least one to two years of recent experience as an OT, then contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you.


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