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Six Tips for Forging a Lasting Relationship with Your Travel Healthcare Recruiter

Six Tips for Forging a Lasting Relationship with Your Travel Healthcare Recruiter

shutterstock_406485691As a travel healthcare professional, it is important to have a good working relationship with your recruiter. After all, they are the person responsible for helping you find jobs and adapt to your new location and work environment.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a good relationship with your recruiter.

Be honest.

When talking with your recruiter, don’t hold anything back or try to hide anything you feel will hinder your chance of finding a job. For example, if you have a gap in your work history, let the recruiter know up front. Sooner or later, it will come out anyhow. Your recruiter won’t be happy if something negative turns up suddenly.

Try to be as open and honest as you can with the recruiter about your background. They cannot do their best job for you if they don’t have all of the pertinent information.

Keep in touch, but don’t become a nuisance.

Don’t contact your recruiter every week just to find out what is going on. It’s a good idea to check in every once in a while, as long as you aren’t becoming a pest. When your recruiter has something lined up, they will contact you.

When you do check in, provide your recruiter with something useful; perhaps an article you read or the name of someone who is looking for a staffing agency.


When your recruiter approaches you about a job opening, be honest. Let your recruiter know if the job is appealing to you or if you would prefer something else. Let them know what kind of salary you are interested in and what kind of work environment, as well as whether you are applying for jobs on your own.

There should not be any surprises. Your recruiter should have all of the information they need to find the type of job you want.

Ask questions.

If there are things you want to know about your recruiter, the job search process or the jobs they find, ask. They are there to help you and represent you.

Rely on the recruiter’s expertise

A good recruiter can be an excellent source of information. Your recruiter has a lot of knowledge about employers and the job market, and can provide you with answers to questions about the job search. Your recruiter can fill you in on what the hiring process is like and can also offer their perceptions on various employers.

They can also act as a liaison between you and the medical facility if you have questions or concerns you want answered.

Stay in touch even after you are hired.

You can pass along the names of people who are looking for jobs or information about employers, which your recruiter would probably appreciate. By staying in touch, you can strengthen the relationship. You never know when you may need the services of your recruiter in the future.

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