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Should Travel Nurses Have Extra Liability Insurance?

Should Travel Nurses Have Extra Liability Insurance?

In short, yes. Though travel employers may offer some level of liability insurance, it may be a smart decision for nurses to purchase their own liability insurance. This just gives you the extra protection you need to defend your license and your professional reputation, and to avoid the high costs associated with a legal suit. The most common reasons for allegations against nurses include complaints regarding assessment, monitoring, treatment and care, and medication administration issues. Licensure complaints can also be a huge issue for nurses.

The top three reasons to purchase extra liability insurance

If you’re on the fence regarding additional liability insurance, consider the following:

  • Unfortunately, travel nurses may be the first to be blamed if something goes wrong. Though unfair, it’s often easy to pin a malpractice issue or other complaint on someone who’s new, or who has recently moved on to a new placement. For these reasons, travel nurses must protect themselves with extra liability insurance.
  • Events outside the workplace can catch the attention of a state licensing board. Many different issues can be a red flag for a state licensing board, causing them to review—and in some cases revoke—a nurse’s license to practice in that state. Sure, complaints or malpractice allegations may cause a licensing board to take disciplinary action. But non-work-related incidents, such as defaulting on a loan, a single DUI, or a conviction of any sort are also concerning to state licensing boards.
  • The risk of losing multiple state licenses. Travel nurses often maintain licenses in multiple states. And state licensing boards communicate with each other. So if a nurse’s license is in jeopardy in one state, she may soon receive communications from other states in which she’s licensed.

The good news about policies

If you’re worried about the cost of extra liability insurance, don’t be. Policies can run as little as $100 per year for a full-coverage policy. That’s about $2 per week. When you compare this to potential legal and court fees, the benefits of personal liability insurance far outweigh the price.

For more information about purchasing liability insurance, seek out insurance agencies that specialize in nursing policies. You can also check with your employer, recruiter or colleagues for recommendations.

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