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Four Tips for Reentering the Healthcare Workforce

Four Tips for Reentering the Healthcare Workforce

The decision to return to healthcare work is a good one. As the Affordable Care Act moves closer and closer to full implementation, plenty of healthcare jobs are opening up. That’s because a larger percentage of the population is required to have health coverage, which means more people are seeking out medical services and providers. Healthcare professionals, such as therapists and nurses, are in high demand! Regardless of your reasoning for leaving the healthcare field, or for how long you’ve been away, a triumphant return is possible!

Follow these four steps to return to work as a healthcare professional:

  • Figure out what you’d like to do. Just because you left a position as an ER nurse, for example, doesn’t mean that’s the only position you can ever fill. Think about your education, training and all the past skills and experiences you’ve had. Do some online research to see what types of healthcare positions are open, and talk to others who work in the field. You may also wish to consult a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of healthcare professionals. Quite possibly, you have many options for employment.
  • Refresh your credentials. Most healthcare professionals are required to maintain registration and/or licensure by the board or organization that regulates their profession. Depending on how long you’ve been out of the healthcare field, you may need to refresh your credentials. This may require taking a course or other training program and possibly an exam.
  • Bring yourself up to date with the industry. The healthcare industry is constantly changing due to ongoing medical research and advancements in technology. It’s always a good idea to brush up on what’s new in your field. Check out industry journals, websites or professional publications.
  • Jump in. Don’t fret, just do it. Once you’ve done your homework and gotten your credentials in line, you’re ready to re-enter the field. Check out healthcare industry–related job sites or the websites of facilities you’d like to work for. You may also wish to contact a staffing firm for help finding placement in the healthcare industry. Staffing recruiters are knowledgeable about a wider range of positions than you may be able to find on your own, and can help you find the best position for you.

Good luck! You can do it.

It’s always nerve-wracking switching jobs or returning to work, so stay strong. Believe in yourself, what you’ve done in the past, and what you are capable of accomplishing in the future. A little confidence goes a long way.

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