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Pre-Interview Tips for Travel Nurses

Pre-Interview Tips for Travel Nurses

Getting hired by a travel nursing service is very similar to getting hired by a hospital or other medical facility.

Still, you may be a bit nervous (understandably so) when it comes to your interview. Read the tips below to prepare for your interview.

  1. Many firms may call you on the phone, either to have a screening interview or, if you’re located far from their offices, for the screening as well as any subsequent interviews. If a firm calls you and you’re not prepared, feel free to ask the staffing manager if he or she could call you back.
  2. You’ll want to be sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (that’s why it’s perfectly OK to ask that the recruiter call you back). Give the recruiter different times that you’re available.
  3. Have your resume/CV nearby so that you can reference it.
  4. It’s also wise to have some questions ready that you’ll ask the interviewer.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions such as: The reason(s) why you want to become a traveling nurse; why you want to leave your current position (if applicable); how long you see yourself working as a traveler: if you’re able to take on long assignments (longer than 13 weeks); any specialties you have; any places in the country you prefer, as well as those you don’t wish to visit.
  6. The interviewer also may ask you to give examples of when you had to change direction at a moment’s notice; how you overcome a difficult situation at work;, how you handle colleagues who may come from different backgrounds from your own; and other questions that the recruiter uses to ascertain how flexible you are in your day-to-day world. (Many people may think they’re cut out for the work of the nursing traveler, but not everyone is. Be prepared to give concrete and clear examples of how you handle uncertainty.)
  7. The idea is to show how you’re a problem solver; how you get along with just about everyone; how no challenge is too great; what a great sense of humor you have; and how flexible you are.
  8. If you’re in a screening interview, never ask about pay rates, vacation benefits, etc. That can come later, during or after the first full interview.
  9. You should ask the interviewer how long he or she has been with the staffing firm; how long the staffing firm has been in business; if it handles other traveling healthcare professionals (such as OTs, PTs, speech therapists, etc.); the length of a typical assignment; etc.
  10. Much of this information often can be found on the company’s website, so it’s a good idea to look at the site before your interview.
  11. Be sure to ask about next steps: How long until you’ll hear if you’ve been accepted as a traveler, for example.
  12. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview and ask for the position.

If you’ve a hankering to work as a traveling nurse at hospitals or medical facilities all over the country, send your CV to a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to discussing this great career with you; contact us today.


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