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Pharmacology and Medical Technology – Top College Majors with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

Pharmacology and Medical Technology – Top College Majors with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

According to major news organizations, healthcare careers and allied health professions have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country right now. A recent Yahoo blog post listed two healthcare majors in particular as having unemployment rates below 2%: pharmacology and medical technologies technicians.


Pharmacology turned up as 5th in the list of all college majors that have the lowest unemployment rates—with effectively 0% unemployment for those studying pharmacology. Talk about recession proof! There are two major areas that pharmacology majors can go into: research and clinical. Clinical pharmacologists work in pharmacies (of course), hospitals, and clinics; research pharmacologist work behind the scenes, in labs or private institutions.  Both areas are experiencing excellent job growth, making a degree in pharmacology a great choice for those ready for a challenge.

Pharmacology Education

Pharmacists who are trained in the United States must earn a Pharm.D. degree from an accredited college or school of pharmacy—the program typically lasts about 4 years, often with 1-2 additional years of residency. Pharmacology students can choose from a wide variety of specializations.

Medical Technology

For those looking to work in allied health, a degree in medical technology is another can’t lose: med tech majors are estimated to have an unemployment rate of 1.4 %. Those with med tech degrees often work in laboratories, performing complex medical testing, working with state-of the-art equipment. They may work in large hospitals or private laboratories—the flexibility of the degree accounts for its excellent job outlook.

Medical Technology Education

In contrast with pharmacology, a 2 year associate’s degree is the typical education of an entry level medical technologist, with advanced education opportunities available all the way up to the doctorate level. Advanced education specialization areas include hematology, immunology, genetics, computer science, lab management, and education, making medical technology a flexible profession with room for advancement.

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