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Living Life to the Fullest: Seven Ways to Get More out of Your Assignment

Living Life to the Fullest: Seven Ways to Get More out of Your Assignment

As a travel nurse, you have an amazing career opportunity. You get to experience new care settings, learn new things, sharpen your nursing skills, meet new people and—of course—travel. But you also have a pretty impressive life opportunity, as well. What are all the ways you can take full advantage of your travel RN placements and experience the full benefits of travel nursing?

While you’re traveling around the country, try any of the following to up the “wow” factor—taking your travel RN career from good to great!

  1. Choose interesting cities. Where have you always wanted to go, but haven’t yet had the opportunity? Would you like to experience the hustle of New York, the mountains of Colorado, the red rocks of Utah or the tropics of Hawaii? Scroll through your bucket list and start to check things off with the best travel nursing jobs.
  2. Go where your family and friends live. A temporary placement is a great time to catch up with loved ones. Maybe you’re an East Coaster who has an old college friend out in California. Take a placement in San Diego and spend some time reconnecting! A country full of new memories awaits.
  3. Bring your children, spouse and pets along. There’s no reason to travel on your own. You can work with your recruiter for housing that accommodates your family members, plus recommendations to help all of you ease into your journey.
  4. Use a travel app. Wondering how to maximize your travel nurse placement? There’s an app for that! Apps can help you learn where to eat, hike, bike or catch a live show, among many other things. You can find tourist attractions or places off the beaten path by downloading a travel app or two.
  5. Ask your co-workers for recommendations. Fellow nurses who live in the area full time can certainly suggest must-see destinations.
  6. Make new friends. It’s always more fun to explore new surroundings with another person. Ask your supervisor or recruiter if there’s any other travel nurses at your placement and invite them for coffee. You’ll have something in common to get the conversation rolling!
  7. Challenge yourself with something new. It could be as much as a placement that helps you acquire a new skill, or as simple as trying a local dish that’s popular in your new Keep an open mind to new experiences and watch yourself learn and grow.

Wondering how to find a travel nurse recruiter?

Check out MedPro Healthcare Staffing, one of the country’s top travel nurse agencies! Your MedPro recruiter will help you find jobs in the best cities for travel nurse placements. Plus, our “red carpet” treatment will ensure each travel nurse experience is your best yet. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-866-8108 or apply below.



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