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Jessica Madgey: Navigating the Road to Success

Jessica Madgey: Navigating the Road to Success

As Vice President of Operations at MedPro Healthcare Staffing, Jessica Madgey is a seasoned navigator in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare staffing. With a wealth of staffing experience spanning nearly 20 years, Madgey has successfully weathered numerous industry shifts, including the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare staffing and a growth mindset continue to drive her success.


Go Fish

Madgey’s journey into healthcare staffing wasn’t directly influenced by familial ties or mentorship. But her early relationships would instill the traits that have fueled a successful career. Hailing from Voorhees, New Jersey, Madgey grew up the middle child with an older and a younger brother. Reflecting on those early years, she recalled two distinct experiences. “I was more nurturing and a caretaker with my younger brother, Greg, while my older brother, Jimmy, was a typical older brother who picked on his sister. That toughened me up and made me more resilient.” Her father owned a printing business, and the family spent time in New Jersey and Nova Scotia, but she considers Maine her home. She went to high school in the “Pine Tree State,” and her parents, brothers, and their families still live there, but in typical middle-child fashion, Madgey would strike out on her own.

While working 60 to 70 hours a week, Madgey’s life took an unexpected turn with a sudden mass layoff at her company. Faced with the daunting prospect of no job and dwindling finances, Madgey orchestrated a bold move, securing a moving truck for $300 in a market where the going rate hovered around $3,000, and headed down 95 South with a friend to start a new life in Hollywood. Before, she had worked in retail as an assistant manager at David’s Bridal and Victoria’s Secret, but in South Florida, she caught the healthcare staffing bug. She started as a recruiter for permanent physician staffing, where placements could take up to eight months. “I liked recruitment, but I didn’t like the waiting,” said Madgey. Still, she persevered for a year before joining a competing start-up company and eventually entering nurse staffing. She recruited for long-term, short-term, and per diem but found Travel was her calling. “I loved travel staffing. I loved the speed!” She also loved the challenge of figuring out the best candidate for a job. “Recruiting is like playing Go Fish. ‘I’ve got a candidate. Do they match this job? No? Go fish. Now, I have a new candidate. Do they match? Yes.” She worked as a recruiter and account manager before starting a new venture—MedPro.


Difference Maker

From the onset, Madgey’s journey at MedPro has been unique. “I interviewed with the CEO. How many people can say that?” she asked. The company was much smaller when she applied, with just 30 employees. Still, there was a clear focus on workplace culture and a concentrated effort to create a positive, supportive, and challenging environment with a tight-knit executive team. “We’ve grown up together. Our families vacation together. We care about each other as people, and that permeates every part of the business. It’s a huge difference maker.”

Although Madgey used to know every MedPronian’s name, it’s a little tougher now with over 300 employees. But she believes the company still does a great job of maintaining the culture. “I have an open-door policy. I want you to feel like you can come to me with anything. All of the Executives are open to feedback.” Madgey’s evolution within MedPro has been as dynamic as the company’s growth. Starting as a domestic therapy recruiter and account manager, she grew 7 HIF to 17.  As the business expanded, so did her roles, working as a VMS Account Manager, Director of Recruitment, and Associate Vice President before being promoted to Vice President of Operations. “I love helping people. That’s what attracted me to management.”


Growing Market

A problem solver by nature, Madgey is now focused on how MedPro can replicate its COVID success in a post-COVID era, balancing the needs of facilities, travelers, and recruiters. “During COVID, nurses made $10k a week, but it’s not sustainable. We’re resetting candidates’ expectations and ensuring recruiters have the knowledge to set those expectations.” Additionally, MedPro is looking to broaden its post-pandemic client base. According to a recent report from Coherent Market Insights, the U.S. healthcare staffing market is predicted to be worth $26.97 billion by 2030, presenting a significant growth opportunity. As healthcare facilities strive to stabilize workforces, control costs, and enhance community service, companies like MedPro are poised to amplify their reach and influence in the market. Madgey views the recent additions to the Executive team, Dan Barren and Aaron Ziraks, as invaluable assets. She emphasized, “It’s always a benefit to have new perspectives to point out strengths and weaknesses we might not recognize.” This collaborative approach aligns with MedPro’s commitment to staying agile and responsive in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Madgey is examining her own role as VP of Operations and what she can implement from a project standpoint to help her team grow and perform better. “We have a great recruitment team. They’re strong and weathered, and we’ve built a culture that makes people want to stay.” Recognizing the pivotal role of Salesforce, Madgey has embarked on obtaining her certification and delving into the intricacies of the software’s backend to provide account managers and recruiters with added support. “I love knowledge. I love learning and growing and seeing how it all works, and I’m excited to learn technology that can help the team daily.”

Despite her focus and commitment, Madgey isn’t spending every waking moment on healthcare staffing. An ardent DIYer, she has a short list of home projects and a longer list of travel destinations. “Australia, Ireland, Alaska, South Africa, Costa Rica, Spain, and Italy again, but south this time.” Whether immersed in finding new ways to help her team, engaged in creative endeavors at home, or exploring a new country, Madgey brings an energy and enthusiasm for knowledge, growth, and achievement.


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