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How to Follow up with a Travel Healthcare Staffing Firm

How to Follow up with a Travel Healthcare Staffing Firm

As a healthcare professional, you may be considering working with a travel healthcare firm, and you may have questions about the process.

In many ways it is the same as applying to any other employer. You first submit an application online with a firm such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing. The staffing firm will then go through the process of verifying your credentials and work history, interviewing and checking references.

Once a staffing firm takes you on as an employee, its recruiters will work closely with you to make sure you get the job you want with the healthcare organization you want. Firms such as MedPro want to make sure both the healthcare organization and you are happy with the arrangement.

The application process is similar to other employers, and so you need to do what you can to give yourself the best chance possible of being hired. One of those things is remembering to follow up with us after submitting your application and after the interview, if you reach that stage.

You submit the job application online, and the standard procedure is for one of our representatives to contact you. But after submitting the application, it is a good idea to follow up with a phone call. This serves to alert our staff that you have applied and you can get verification that we have received your application. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself and communicate to the staff your interest in a traveling healthcare position.

Follow-up after the interview is also very important. It serves several purposes. First, it shows your professionalism. It is an opportunity to thank the company for giving you the chance to talk to their representatives, and to reinforce your interest in the job. It also gives you an opportunity to emphasize any points you believe to be important, or to expand on anything you said during the interview.

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is a Joint Commission-certified healthcare staffing agency dedicated to helping travel healthcare professionals find the job that best fits their skills, interests, and work styles. We work with all of the allied health professions, including PTs, OTs, speech therapists, pharmacists, and nurses. Give us a call today.


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