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How to Evaluate an Allied Healthcare Travel Assignment Offer

How to Evaluate an Allied Healthcare Travel Assignment Offer

You have just been offered a job at a healthcare organization, and the good news is you got the location you wanted. Now you have to review the offer to make sure it’s what you want. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when evaluating a job offer.

Salary and Benefits

Is the salary acceptable? One thing to look at is whether the pay is competitive with other organizations in the area. You should also be prepared to negotiate on salary or benefits. After you have received a job offer is the best time to negotiate because you know the organization wants to have you on staff.

Also, how do the benefits stack up compared to other healthcare organizations?

The Fit

What kind of feeling do you get about the people and the workplace culture? Is it a place where you would enjoy working? Does it look like the organization really values its employees? Does the staff seem to genuinely like working there? Do those in managerial positions listen to staff input, communicate with and support the staff and give timely feedback? Are there opportunities for professional development?

What kind of training and educational opportunities are available? Does the organization promote people from within or does it go outside to fill positions?

Red Flags

You also need to be aware of signs the organization is poorly managed, red flags signaling you might want to look elsewhere. One big red flag is a lowball salary offer. It is a sign of an organization that does not value its employees.

Another ominous sign is a disorganized hiring process, which can give you some sense of how the place is run. Was the process conducted professionally and efficiently? Or did you find people were unprepared when you came for the interview, kept you waiting or misplaced your resume?

What is the turnover rate like at the organization?  A high one is a sign there may be problems.

Rely on Your Recruiter

Your recruiter is your greatest asset. They know how organizations compare on salaries, benefits and working conditions. The recruiter works with many different healthcare institutions and can offer useful advice on how equitable the job offer is. If you decide the job is not what you want, your recruiter will work with you to place you with another employer.

Find a Great Travel Allied Healthcare Job

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