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How to Advance Your Travel Nursing Career in 2016

How to Advance Your Travel Nursing Career in 2016

If you are looking for ways to take your career to the next level, continuing education and training are worth considering. Not only do they enable you to do more with your job and qualify you for different types of jobs, it adds to job satisfaction and earning power as well.

Research has shown the clear value of continuing education. For example, nurses who are certified in a specialty area earn about $13 more an hour than those without the certification. Throughout the profession, nurses who are certified in a specialty earn about $9,000 more a year than those without the training.

At one hospital where many nurses became certified, there was less turnover, more job satisfaction among the nurses, better decision making, and higher patient satisfaction as well. Nurses who became certified reported having a sense of personal achievement. Moreover, nursing supervisors rate certification very highly.

Nurses have many options for certification. There is a wide range of specialties available where nurses can receive training. These include ambulatory care, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes management, high-risk prenatal care, community healthcare, pediatric care, pain management, gerontology, case management, guided care, and medical-surgical care.

For example, if a nurse receives certification in the case management area, he or she is then qualified to work as a case manager for patients who have severe medical conditions. The case management nurse’s job is to make sure that the patient is receiving all healthcare treatments they need. Almost all healthcare facilities have this type of position. If a nurse receives certification as a geriatric care manager, he or she can work with elderly patients, evaluating, coordinating, and monitoring the care of older patients.

And the technology today makes earning the certification easier than ever, especially for traveling healthcare professionals. Many such programs are available online. Many, however, do have eligibility requirements.

For nursing and other healthcare professionals looking to jump into leadership positions, continuing education offers a way to open the door here as well. There are healthcare and business management courses leading to advanced degrees in these areas that give people the qualifications to enter management at healthcare facilities.

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