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How Does Travel Nursing Work?

How Does Travel Nursing Work?

As nursing continues to be a strong career choice for professionals, opportunities are increasing across the country. Travel nursing offers a unique and exciting way for talented nursing professionals to take advantage of career opportunities and flexibility, to take their careers to the next level.

Prepare for an exciting career as a travel nurse.
Ready to pursue a travel nursing career? Here are 5 things you need to know:

Experience requirements can vary.
Depending on the area of specialty, facility and unit the experience requirements for travel nursing positions can vary a great deal.

Traveling positions look good on a resume.
The unique challenges of a career in travel nursing demonstrate your flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in personnel, environment and location. In addition to your position-specific experience, travel nursing adds depth and skill to your resume!

Choosing the right travel nursing firm is essential.
Take the time to research travel nursing firms. Be sure to consider factors that are important to you, such as benefits, available assignments, locations served, response time for questions, experience and housing.

You will be able to determine your career path.
Your travel nursing firm will help you, but you have control over where you’d like to take your career – literally and figuratively! If you have a preference of location, area of specialty, or any other detail, let your recruiter know.

Don’t worry about where you will stay.
If you’re new to travel nursing, don’t worry about where you will stay when on assignment. Your travel nursing firm will provide you with furnished lodging before you begin your assignment. If you prefer more flexibility in your accommodations, you may also choose to receive a rent stipend, which can be applied to the lodging of your choice.

Find your next travel nursing job.
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