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How a Minimalist Wardrobe Can Make Traveling to Assignments Easier

How a Minimalist Wardrobe Can Make Traveling to Assignments Easier

The minimalist movement is picking up steam these days as people try to do more with less. We’re so inundated every day with stimulation from media, our jobs and our lives that choosing what to wear? It’s just another task on our to-do lists. What if you could trim down your wardrobe and make it much easier to get ready each day with a few essential go-to outfits? You’d be able to get ready faster and always know you look good!

The benefits of traveling with less stuff

For travel nurses, a minimalist wardrobe not only cuts down on time to get ready, it also makes it easier to travel. By lugging fewer belongings with you, you’ll have far less packing to do and will experience fewer headaches trying to transport your belongings. Plus, there’s less to keep track of on assignment.

Three steps to building a minimalist wardrobe

To cut your wardrobe down to the bare essentials, you must evaluate what you already have. You can do this with the following steps:

  1. Look through your closet. And yes, this step includes trying things on. You’ll want to hang on to items that fit you and you feel good in. Set aside items that don’t fit, are in bad condition or you know you’ll never wear. Then, make plans to donate your unwanted items. For travel nurses, your wardrobe likely includes a few sets of nursing outfits or scrubs. Follow the same rules for assessment as all your other clothes!
  2. Find your style. Next, look for a common theme in what you’re holding on to. What look do you like? Are you mostly casual, classic, free-spirited, dressy? If you’re not sure, make a Pinterest board to help you decide. Simply peruse Pinterest and pin items you like. Then look for a common theme.
  3. Supplement your wardrobe. Based on what you’re keeping, what other pieces will you need to tie it all together? When choosing new items, search for pieces that are well-made and classic in style—not overly trendy or throw-away.

Key items to include

Don’t be swept up by our fast-fashion, more-is-better society—a minimalist wardrobe is both thrifty and reasonable. Once you’ve done your three-step wardrobe assessment, consider these clothing suggestions for men and for women. (You can also find more great tips with a simple Google search.) When choosing items, remember to coordinate colors and patterns. The key to a minimalist wardrobe is almost everything can be worn together; this gives you far more outfit options than a pile of pieces that only look good with one other piece. You’ll also want to include 3-5 uniforms in your wardrobe.

Other thoughts when traveling

Of course you always want to look your best—clean, pressed and ready to go! A major consideration with a minimalist wardrobe is access to laundering services to keep your duds fresh. Work with your recruiter for housing that includes on-site laundry or is near a laundromat or cleaner.

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

If you’re wondering how to find a travel nurse job, it’s a snap when you work with a travel RN recruiter like MedPro Healthcare Staffing. The experts at MedPro will help you find placements in the best cities for travel nurses. And because we want each assignment to be your best yet, we offer the MedPro Experience program—providing you with travel nurse tips, support and even gifts while you’re on the road. To learn more and begin your travel nurse career, contact us today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply below.


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