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Unable to Get Home for the Holidays? These Tips Will Help You Celebrate a Happy Holiday

Unable to Get Home for the Holidays? These Tips Will Help You Celebrate a Happy Holiday

Feeling lonely this holiday season? If you’re on assignment and unable to travel home for the holiday, you may be feeling a bit down. Travel healthcare careers offer great opportunities, but the holidays can be difficult.

You can have a great holiday while on assignment!

Although you may not be able to share the holiday at home with your family, you can still share in a warm, healthy holiday. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your holidays this year:

Gather with your coworkers. Chances are you work with other traveling professionals who are unable to return home for the holidays. Invite them over to your home and suggest a pot luck holiday. Everyone brings a traditional dish from their families’ holiday fare, and you can enjoy the holidays with others who are away from home.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen. One of the best ways to warm your heart at the holidays is to help others. Find a local soup kitchen serving holiday meals to the needy, and offer your services. If only for an hour or two, you can make a positive difference in someone’s life, and share in the warmth and health of the holidays.

Use technology to be “with” your family. Technology these days is quite advanced. So advanced, in fact, that you can be “with” your family, even if you are thousands of miles away! If you have a laptop or other camera-equipped mobile device, you can share the holidays with your family via Skype, or another peer-to-peer video call system.  Depending on how tech savvy your family is, you could even be “placed” at the table for the holiday meal! While it can’t replace the feeling of physically being with your family, it can go a long way toward helping ease the disappointment of not being home for the holiday.

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