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Feeling Stuck in Your Travel Nursing Career? Read This.

Feeling Stuck in Your Travel Nursing Career? Read This.

With spring just around the corner, you’re probably anticipating warmer weather and all the sights and sounds of life renewed. When you reflect on your travel nursing career, do you feel a similar need for change? Maybe you’ve begun to feel stagnated or even bored in your career. Well, the good news is that travel nurses have a world of opportunities available to them—all you need to do is touch base with your recruiter. So, if you decide you’re looking for a “springtime” in your travel nursing career, you have some options. Here’s what you should consider to shake things up a bit.


Five ways to spice up your job as a travel nurse

You may feel that although you love travel nursing, you just don’t feel fulfilled lately—and that’s OK. It’s the sign of an active, intelligent mind to hope for more. So brush the dust off your wintertime self and try any of the following five ways to refresh your travel nursing career:

  1. Pick up a new skill or hobby. The best way to open the doors to new travel nursing jobs is to broaden your treatment knowledge. You can take a training or continuing education course, or become specialized in something that interests you. If you’re feeling especially motivated, you could even return to school to advance your degree. You might also choose to pick up a hobby that has nothing to do with nursing—it can feel good to use your mind and learn new things. And this change of pace can help to renew all aspects of your life, including your career.
  2. Meet inspiring people. It’s amazing how the viewpoint of others can help to energize your spirit. Network at healthcare industry conferences and events to meet travel nurses who inspire you. Then, ask them for advice—what do they do to keep their careers interesting? You might be surprised what you learn.
  3. Learn a new language. Picking up a new language can also expand the number of travel nursing positions you qualify for, and the locations and populations you can serve. You might attend an adult education class, or simply use a language education program, such as Rosetta Stone®, or DuoLingo. You can also visit your public library, as they may offer language software you can use for free.
  4. Travel somewhere exciting. Do you have any geographic locations on your bucket list? If you generally stick close to home or with similar assignments, why not branch out and challenge yourself with an exciting new travel destination? Your recruiter can help you find out what’s available to you.
  5. Try a totally different assignment. A well-rounded resume is the key to a fulfilling nursing career. You should try your hand at large and small, teaching and nonteaching hospitals. Plus, this depth of experience will help you stand out amongst your colleagues, making it easier to land your dream assignments.

Are you ready?

When you feel ready to leap into spring with a fresh, new outlook on your travel nursing career, give your recruiter a call. He or she will work with you to determine your next exciting step as a travel nurse.

Looking for a new recruiter?

You can also expand your career options by switching staffing companies. If you’re in need of a new recruitment relationship, check out MedPro Healthcare Staffing. To begin working with our experienced travel nursing recruiters, contact us today or click below to apply now!

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