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Feeling Homesick? Top Ways to Get Through Your Assignment

Feeling Homesick? Top Ways to Get Through Your Assignment

As a traveling health professional, you may be moving around quite a bit, encountering many new places. That can be exciting, but also a bit scary. You are moving away from the comfort and security of home and going to a place that is unknown to you. This can lead to feelings of homesickness; you naturally miss the familiarity of home, family and friends.

If you find yourself experiencing feelings of homesickness, what can you do about them? There are a number of steps you can take to combat those feelings.

  1. Stay busy and engaged. Don’t forget why you are moving in the first place. It is to take a job that presumably is challenging and fulfilling. Throw yourself into your work. If you stay busy with your job, you just won’t have time for homesickness.
  2. Make new friends. This is one of the best cures for homesickness. Finding people you enjoy being with and with whom you can share experiences is a surefire way to become more comfortable in your new surroundings.
  3. Make a new home. In other words, try to make your new location more like a home. You can do that by finding out more about the place and what it has to offer. You can find out what kind of social and cultural activities are available, as well as short-term volunteer opportunities. If someone invites you to go somewhere, go, even though you may not be sure you will enjoy it. You won’t know until you try, and it will help you learn about what is out there.
  4. Stay active. Make sure you keep a regular routine. Exercise daily. Exercise is great for improving your attitude and your mood. Get enough sleep and eat right.
  5. Use social media. Use social media to stay in touch with friends and professional colleagues. Talk to them about how you are feeling.
  6. Keep reminders of home to a minimum. It will be harder to get over your homesickness if you are constantly seeing pictures of home and family all around your apartment or home. It’s OK, naturally, to have a few photos around, but not too many.

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