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How Facebook Groups Can Help Foreign-Trained Professionals

How Facebook Groups Can Help Foreign-Trained Professionals

As a foreign-trained healthcare professional, you may have many questions about working and living in the U.S.

Facebook groups allow for foreign-trained healthcare professionals to come together and ask each other questions, give advice, and have open and honest discussions about their jobs. Here are three benefits of joining a nursing Facebook group:

1. You can ask all the questions you want.
When you join a nursing group, you have the ability to ask questions that you might not typically ask your recruiter. You can also ask fellow foreign-trained nurses and medical technologists for advice on topics such as reducing stress in healthy ways or how to find the right school for your child.

2. You can create richer and more personal connections with recruiters.
If you’re looking for an assignment, Facebook groups help bring together recruiters and travel nurses in order to help them find the job they are looking for. Many recruiters will engage directly with nurses in these groups.

3. You can find a sense of community.
At times, nursing assignments for foreign-trained professionals can be challenging, and you might want to reach out to others for support. These Facebook groups allows nurses to come together and make new friends. You might be able to find a nurse who is going through a similar situation who can give you advice.

4. You can find a great mentor.
A mentor is someone who helps guide you in the direction of your dreams. Facebook groups help connect international nurses looking to excel in their career in the U.S. with others who have already been working in America. These people can help international nurses learn new skills and gain valuable advice, which can make their transition to the U.S. smoother and more rewarding.

Overall, Facebook groups for foreign-trained nurses can help both recruiters and foreign-trained nurses find rewarding assignments and find a new community of people with similar interests and journeys.

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