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Preparing for Your Role in ICD-10 as a Nurse

Preparing for Your Role in ICD-10 as a Nurse

Few of us like change and many healthcare professionals, including nurses may be “nervous” about the impending move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 by October 1, 2014.

If you are nervous, may we suggest that you look at the change to ICD-10 as a great opportunity to make yourself exceptionally valuable – even critical – to the smooth operations of any employer.

In fact, if you work to become the expert in ICD-10, you will become quite valuable as a traveling nurse. After all, hospitals and other medical facilities are required to be using ICD-10 in just a bit more than two years. Just imagine the demand for your skills at medical facilities all over the country! You’ll definitely be in the proverbial catbird seat when it comes to picking and choosing which assignments you’ll accept!

A May 2011 article by Maria Bounos, RN, MPH, titled Why ICD10 is the BIGGEST Opportunity for RNs! (at the website of the American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors) states that nurses may be “chuckling” to themselves as facilities gear up for the ICD-10 implementation deadline because ICD-10 is a “workflow that becomes second nature to nurses and can be applied across the spectrum. With ICD-10, many of you will find yourselves going ‘back to the basics.’ Assessment, implementation and evaluation are key steps and basic elements in the nursing process.”

Becoming adding certification as a medical coder also would increase your career prospects considerably.

An article by Joanie M. Wexler published in Advanced for Nurses stated that

When trained and credentialed in the billing codes representing medical services and diagnoses, RNs increase their earning potential and augment their job security.

The article continues:

Any organization that touches medical billing or medical charts hires coders, Foster says. She cites hospital emergency departments, tumor registries, organ transplant registries, nursing homes, insurance companies and even law firms as a few examples.

Coding, ICD-10 expertise and an RN licensure? Just go ahead and write your career ticket. Just do!

If you’re a nurse with ICD-10 implementation knowledge – or even if you don’t – contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We have dozens upon dozens of healthcare facilities across the country clamoring for your skills for short-term travel assignments. We look forward to hearing from you!


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