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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late—Six Signs You Need to Bring in Outside Help

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late—Six Signs You Need to Bring in Outside Help

Your hospital staff is the lifeblood of your facility. They allow you to provide the top-quality care your patients need and deserve. It’s up to you to ensure your hospital maintains the staff it needs for business to run smoothly. So how do you know when it’s time to staff up?

It’s key to recognize this before it’s too late and your nursing staff are overworked. Once you’ve identified any of the following, a travel healthcare staffing agency can help:

  1. Your nurses are showing signs of burnout. It’s critical to be able to recognize this before it’s too late, your nurses burn out and productivity dips. Overworked nurses may be cranky, short-tempered, negative and easily agitated. Nursing is a demanding field, and rescuing your nurses from burnout will help you avoid medical errors and help your facility maintain its good reputation. Bringing on a few temporary travel nurses is one of the best ways to cover nurse staffing gaps until you can hire additional full-time nurses.
  2. You’re experiencing turnover. An unfortunate side effect of skeleton-crew staffing is losing your nursing staff to other employers. Turnover can be costly, plus you’ll lose the talents of a seasoned nurse who’s familiar with your facility and case load. One of the advantages of staffing with travel nurses is their flexibility. Travel nurses move from job to job frequently, so they’re used jumping into a new job and getting up to speed quickly.
  3. Your budget doesn’t allow for additional full-time nurses. Budget cuts can be difficult to weather, making it especially tricky to get the staff your facility needs. Sometimes, you’re just not able to bring on additional full-time nurses to fill staffing holes. One of the reasons to hire travel RNs is the ability to staff up temporarily, when you need to. Working with travel nurses, you can save on the cost of a full-time nursing hire.
  4. You have specialized nursing needs. Maybe your facility has a difficult-to-fill nursing position. Because many travel RNs work in specialized fields, your recruiter will make it much easier to fill your staffing needs than searching on your own for a new nurse.
  5. You have upcoming staffing gaps. When you forecast your nurse staffing needs, do you know of a nurse who will be going out on maternity leave or needs time off for other healthcare reasons? Staffing with travel nurses lets you cover a staffing gap, so your nurse-to-patient ratio won’t be short.
  6. You’re expanding. If your hospital is opening another wing or location, you may need to staff up quickly with experienced nurses. While you’re in search of full-timers, you can rely on the services of travel nurses to keep business running smoothly in times of rapid growth.

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