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Do you have what it takes to be a good traveling nurse?

Do you have what it takes to be a good traveling nurse?

Travel nursing is a rewarding career choice. One where you can travel across the country and discover new places, while also making a different contributing to the lives of patients.

But being a travel nurse has particular demands, and requires a specific type of person and nurse. Here are some of the traits held by successful travel nurses:

As a travel nurse, you will have to constantly learn new policies, procedures, even routes to work and co-workers’ names. You’ll need a lot of flexibility to roll with the punches and quickly acclimate to your new surroundings

When you’re constantly meeting new people as you travel across the country, an outgoing personality will be an essential component of your personality. A shy, introverted person is less likely to respond well to the demands and even stresses of constantly meeting new people.

Desire to learn.
In addition to the ability to travel, you will be exposed to many different healthcare facilities as a travel nurse. And when you work in various facilities, you’ll be exposed to new techniques and technologies. An insatiable desire to learn will be an asset to you in your career, so you can take the opportunities that present themselves to you as you journey from assignment to assignment.

Open to new challenges.
You’re a qualified, seasoned nurse. But, working as a travel nurse presents unique challenges. As noted above, you’ll constantly be required to meet new people, remember their names and positions, and learn the policies and procedures for each healthcare facility. As a traveling healthcare professional, you’ll also have opportunities to advance your career, learn new things, and work in some unconventional circumstances. If you’re open to new challenges and eager for adventure, you’re more likely to thrive in this career.

Communication skills.
Meeting new people is hard, and when you’re “new,” it can be very difficult to reach out and ask for help when you have a question. Superior communication skills are an essential trait for all travel nurses. You must be able to clearly define what you need, or the situation at hand. Your patients’ lives could literally depend on it.

If you are stronger in some of these areas than others, take the time to develop and hone your skills. A career in travel nursing may be the right fit for you!

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