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Compromising Situation on Assignment? How to Handle It

Compromising Situation on Assignment? How to Handle It

As much as your healthcare travel staffing service works to make sure your assignment is free of compromising situations (unsafe working conditions or policy violations, for example), less-than-pleasant situations do crop up every now and then.

Read below for what to do should you find yourself in this type of uncomfortable position:

  • The very first thing to do is to contact your staffing service recruiter or manager. Your staffing supervisor will want to know about any time you feel uncomfortable or feel you’ve been put in an untenable position.
  • We ask that you don’t go to your assignment supervisor first – go to your staffing service first. This is because we don’t want you to have to confront a supervisor for a situation that’s compromising. Emotions and or tempers could “get high,” and we don’t want you to have to go through any more stress than you already may be experiencing.
  • After speaking with your staffing supervisor, the two of you may decide that it is appropriate for you to speak with your assignment supervisor (without intervention from the staffing service).
  • When you speak to your assignment supervisor, don’t be accusatory or blaming. Simply state that you believe that something is not right and you’d like his or her opinion on the matter.
  • If you get push back from your on-site manager, or if you’re harassed in any way because you brought the situation up, immediately contact your staffing supervisor and he or she will contact your assignment supervisor ASAP.
  • If, after speaking with your on-site manager and nothing changes and you still feel uncomfortable, contact your travel staffing service manager again and he or she will take it from there.

Once either your staffing manager speaks to the on-site manager or you do, depending on what transpires, you may want to leave the assignment early. Be sure to talk to your travel staffing service manager about this. He or she will take your needs as well as the needs of the client company into consideration.

However, depending on the entire situation, as well as the facility’s staffing needs, you may be asked to stay on the assignment until a replacement is found (if the staffing service decides to continue working with the particular hospital or department).

Rest assured that if you are extremely uncomfortable and/or if you are in emotional or physical danger, your staffing service will never ask you to stay in such a situation, especially one in which you feel unsafe. You and your staffing manager will discuss payment and travel reimbursement at the time you leave the assignment.

Here at MedPro Healthcare Staffing, we screen our client companies as thoroughly as we screen our healthcare traveler candidates. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason while on assignment, contact your MedPro recruiter immediately.


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