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Broken Resolutions? Even in March, it is Not the End of the Road

Broken Resolutions? Even in March, it is Not the End of the Road

We are now three months into 2021 and you no doubt have either crushed your new year’s resolutions or maybe you have not, but that is alright. It happens. Worst thing you can do is give up. We have been here before, setting goals and aspirations for a ‘new you’ in the new year. We still have another nine months to go and you can still absolutely crush your goals. Give yourself a break and figure it out.

Getting back on track or even altering your resolutions is just as impressive as seeing them through. See below for a few tips to get back on track, new skills to garner and, some tools that may help you.

Steps to Getting Back on Track

  1. Try resetting or altering your expectations. If you start with your mind, your body will surely follow. Taking a step outside of yourself and taking an internal look will help you find your hustle and productivity. We all have laundry lists of tasks we are currently juggling, whether raising children, meeting resolutions, working side hustles, or trying to just get through the day, among many other things. Practicing mindfulness and following it up with a positive attitude will help you focus on what is most important and filtering out the noise. We are all trying to get things done in the middle of a pandemic and that can be taxing. Set realistic and attainable goals.
  2. Attempt to reset or reframe your perception of success. These are scary times, and we are all carrying an unbelievable amount of stress, not only because of COVID-19 but also with how readily available technology is and the fluidity in which information travels. Attention spans have essentially been thrown to the wind and it can be difficult to focus. Develop ways to reward yourself, realistically, for equally as realistic goals. Reaching goals should be rewarding and we sometimes tend to forget that we just accomplished something important to us. Set a destination, draw a map on how to get there, and take it one step at a time. You will get there.
  3. Find a way to regenerate your body. Well over half of the adults, nearly 55%, are reported to have poor negative health which is directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The same can be said for our many valued healthcare professionals who see hundreds of patients daily. The key here is to rest both your mind and body. You have earned it. Attempting to be productive, in conjunction with exhaustion, is only going to lead to burnout. After a recharge, pick yourself up, get back to it and attack those goals.

Stress Relief Tactics, Tendencies and Tips

  1. Meditation: Find a quiet space to help cleanse your mind of stress and, in turn, help your body lower its blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels as well. In making meditation a consistent practice, you can help yourself better navigate life’s everyday struggles and stresses. Meditation does not have to be an elaborate process. You simply just have to begin inhaling and exhaling, all while bringing full attention to each breath. Your mind will then begin to travel alongside different thoughts and new perceptions. Ultimately, maintain an open mind.
    1. Meditation Apps That Work: Calm, Headspace and Buddhify.
  2. Hobbies: There are plenty of activities that can constitute as a hobby, like learning an instrument or a new skill, cooking, painting, gaming, and many others. It ultimately comes down to anything which helps relieve day-to-day stress and concerns but also improves your skillset. When it comes to focusing on your new hobby or activity, you need to be able to block out everything else and engage yourself.
    1. Hobby and Event-Finding Apps That Work: Meetup, Hobify and Do Stuff.
  3. Nature: Getting outside to do something active and explore just makes sense, especially given the climate of the pandemic. Take advantage of green spaces and breathing in fresh air because they are both associated with reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. In turn, you will improve your mood and well-being, find your happiness and your heart will thank you too. Even at work, you can find time to jump outside. Norwegian professionals embrace the term, ‘friluftsliv’, which means ‘life in fresh air’, and typically carve out an hour each day dedicated to spending that time outdoors.
    1. Nature and Tracking Apps That Work: MyFitnessPal, Chimani and Leafsnap.
  4. Sleep: Your daily hygiene rituals should include optimal hours of sleep as well. Deprivation can lead to higher stress levels, low energy, and other immune system issues. You should be targeting roughly 6-8 hours of sleep each night. If you are having trouble, try powering your devices down an hour before you go to sleep, meditating or trying to take two, 30-minute naps throughout the day to counter sleeplessness. If all else fails, you can always seek out sleep psychologists to assist you in developing a better sleep cycle.
    1. Sleep-Assisting/Tracking Apps That Work: Relax Melodies, Sleep Cycle and Pillow.
  5. Food: It is important to remember that strict dieting is not encouraged, especially in 2021. Some of the top diet trends this year include a lot of variety in them. More about those HERE. That said, embrace stress-fighting foods, like ones brimming with omega-3 acids, which are commonly found in seafood, and those packed with Vitamin C, like most fruits. There are numerous meal delivery and deliverable self-cook services you can subscribe to in 2021 and most are nutritionally balanced as well.
    1. Food Preparation and Diet-Tracking Apps That Work: Fooducate, Noom and Yummly.

(A Few) Home Accessories to Help You Get There

  1. Yoga Wheel Set (Ativafit): You do not have to be a yoga enthusiast to take advantage of what this equipment can help you do, which is become more flexible and improve your range of motion. Not to mention, it also helps relieve you of everyday pain and aches as well.
  2. Neoprene Dumbbell Set (Gaiam): Each set is available in different weight levels ranging from a 32-pound set and up to a 50-pound set. The neoprene keeps the weights from slipping out of your hands and come with a stand to best store your weights too.
  3. Aero Speed Jump Rope (Buddy Lee): This is speed rope and a staple among the CrossFit Even if you do not interval train, this rope will help you work-up a sweat and shed some pounds.

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