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Breaking Into Travel Healthcare: The Benefits of a Travel Career

Breaking Into Travel Healthcare: The Benefits of a Travel Career

Have you been working as a nurse, speech therapist, PT, OT, pharmacist or other allied health professional and you’ve been on the fence about working as a healthcare traveler, or you’d like to learn more about it, read below for just a few of the many benefits working as a traveler brings you.

  • Of course, the number one benefit of working as a healthcare traveler is, well, travel! You can work in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities across your town, across your state, even across the country. You can explore new neighborhoods, see new sights, meet new friends, try new things.
  • Flexibility in your schedule is the second top benefit. If you want to take a few – or several – days or weeks off between assignments, you can. Want to work only in Florida in winter? You can. Want to work in Idaho in the winter so that you can ski on your days off? You can!
  • Free housing! Almost all healthcare travel staffing firms provide furnished apartments in clean, safe and comfortable apartment complexes near your assignment facility at no cost to you. Most have exercise facilities on-site. If you don’t want to stay in the facility chosen for you, most staffing firms provide a nice housing stipend to help you pay for housing you find and choose yourself.
  • Every hospital, every clinic has its “own” way of doing things. You’ll learn new skills, learn how to operate new equipment, and more.
  • Working as a travel nurse requires flexibility and adaptability, “soft” skills that always are in demand and spending time as a traveler makes an impressive addition on your CV/resume.
  • Pay and benefits tend to be higher than for your stay-in-one-place colleagues. Healthcare travelers receive a per diem pay rate at least 15 percent higher than non-travelers. You also may receive a per diem stipend for meals (check with your travel staffing service). Also, you’ll get health insurance, have access to a 401(k) (often with employer matching), tuition reimbursement for CE requirements, and vacation pay. (Benefits vary by staffing service; be sure to speak with your staffing manager for full details.)
  • Travel with a spouse or even your entire family. You can even bring a friend along. Pets can travel, as well. Traveling with others isn’t as simple as traveling solo – there will be logistics to work out. But it can – and often is – done. Talk to your staffing manager.

We hope we’ve offered valuable insight into the benefits and opportunities in travel healthcare positions. If you are ready to start your career today, contact the staffing professionals at MedPro today!


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