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Ask a Recruiter: What Traits Do Agencies Look for in Travel Healthcare Professionals?

Ask a Recruiter: What Traits Do Agencies Look for in Travel Healthcare Professionals?

If you are, or plan to be, a travel healthcare professional, you want to give yourself the best chance of finding the positions you want. In order to do that, you need to make yourself as attractive to agencies and employers as possible. There are traits that agencies and employers look for in candidates, and these traits will help move you to the top of the list for positions. Here are a few of them.

  1. Being flexible. Agencies and employers look for a willingness to be flexible in terms of job conditions, a willingness to work different shifts, or to be on call. The more flexible you are, the more valuable you become to employers. Being flexible with time off is another way to raise your value with agencies and employers. Since most contracts only last 13 weeks, being flexible with time off will make you a more sought-after candidate, especially in popular locations.
  2. Having specialized work experience. No matter what clinical area you work in, having specialized skills in that area will make you stand out. If, for example, you are a blood and marrow transplant nurse who also has experience working in a cancer hospital, this will help open up opportunities for you. No matter what healthcare area you are in, if you have experience working in a teaching hospital, a children’s hospital, stroke or trauma center, this will open up opportunities for you.
  3. Skill with using Electronic Medical Records. Just about every healthcare organization now uses electronic medical records, so knowing your way around this platform would certainly make you more valuable to employers. Being able to adapt to different electronic systems will add a great deal of value to your resume, especially if you can help train other staff at the facility.
  4. Energy and enthusiasm. Every employer is looking for this trait. It shows a real dedication to the job, a real passion for caregiving. If employers see this, they know they are getting a person who will strive to do the best job possible, who will give 100 percent to the job, someone who will make an impact.

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