A one of a kind employee engagement program created for the traveling healthcare professional.

The MedPro Experience® Department provides travel nurses and allied professionals with memorable and rewarding experiences as they venture out to assignments across the U.S.

When you travel with MedPro, we encourage you to experience different attractions, cultures, and cuisines in your new home away from home. Taking on adventure in your new city is a major benefit of a career in travel nursing and allied health. Because exploration is so important to us, here at MedPro we call our travel nurses and allied health professionals, Explorers.

The concept is simple. The MedPro Experience® Team will take care of our Explorers so that they can take care of their patients.

Hear what other Explorers are saying about us!

Shakira has great work ethic. She is always willing to help where needed and is willing to help others. She has a wonderful personality that reflects her work.
Sterile Processing Supervisor/Educator
Hayford works well on accomplishing goals and is flexible as needed. His quantity and quality of work is outstanding. I will be honored to re-hire him again. 
Sterile Processing Night Supervisor
Jennifer has been extremely helpful. She is willing to do whatever needs to be done and likes to stay busy. We have renewed her contract for an additional 13 weeks. She is a positive person and always comes to work with a smile, positive attitude and is energetic and ready to start the day. 
Pat H.
Operations Supervisor
Chase is an excellent nurse who goes out of his way to ensure that he provides excellent care. His patients truly love him and often comment on his care.
Rachel C.
Nurse Manager
Payton impressed me with her honesty, integrity, and dedicated work ethic in giving inspired and compassionate care and leadership to her patients and her team. All her taskers and missions were embarked upon with speed and efficiency and were completed early or on time and she has often sacrificed her personal time to help us meet our mission of providing care for our patients. Talented in anticipating needs, fixes our issues, she implements creative problem-solving steps usually before any issue became a problem! Intelligent, hard-working, compassionate and energetic, she would be an asset to any program or agency and I feel sure any agency will benefit from her becoming part of its team.
 Anne N.
Nurse Executive 
Thelma is a great team player and steps up where others do not. She has gone out of her way to be an asset to our team and I could not ask any more from anyone.
LCMC – University Medical Center

The MedPro Experience® Programs

MedPro cares for our traveling healthcare professional like no other agency. Check out the programs offered by The MedPro Experience® Team.


MedPro knows you work hard, and the MedPro Experience® program is a way for us to show our appreciation. Your MedPro Experience will consist of the following rewards.

Our Rewards

Warm Welcome

Your MedPro journey will begin with a Warm Welcome Package!


Halfway through your assignment, you will receive a token of our appreciation for all your hard work.


Celebrating your birthday while on assignment? MedPro will celebrate it with you!


In December, celebrate the holidays with us! You'll be treated to a holiday gift by the MedPro Experience Team!


There are several weeks throughout the year dedicated to healthcare professionals. MedPro will recognize YOU during yours!

13 IN 13 DIY Challenge

 MedPro will pay you to Explore! Visit 13 different places of your choice in your new assignment location and MedPro will reward you with $13 for every attraction you visit! Feel free to visit restaurants, parks, shopping venues, or any other attraction of interest to you.  That is why we call it the 13 In 13 DIY Challenge! That adds up to $169 per quarter and $676 per year that MedPro will pay you to Explore. Plus, each Explorer who completes a quarterly 13 In 13 DIY Challenge is entered into our Ultimate Explorer Raffle for the chance to win $500! 

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Do you know a someone looking for a new travel assignment or career change?

Refer them to MedPro and earn a $1,000 referral bonus for every travel professional that completes their first MedPro assignment!

Our Success Is in the Numbers

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