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8 Signs You Are Working with a Top Healthcare Staffing Agency

8 Signs You Are Working with a Top Healthcare Staffing Agency

8 Signs You Are Working with a Top Healthcare Staffing Agency

There are many healthcare staffing agencies out there, but how do you know when they are one of the best? Do you feel like the agency is listening to your needs? Are the candidates they are sending you properly trained? Are they providing adequate follow up? Do they have a pool of talent from all around the world? The answers to these questions may be the difference between a low and high quality candidate for your facility. Here are 8 signs you are working with a top healthcare staffing agency.

Extensive training program

When you work with top healthcare staffing agencies, prospective employees are ready to work on day one. These agencies have extensive and formal training programs that prepare nurses, allied professionals, and more. Training includes specific clinical work as well as classroom instruction. It becomes easier over time to see which candidates were adequately prepared by their recruiter and those that were just thrown to the wolves.

International talent pool

With the shortage of healthcare related talent in the U.S., it is essential to build a large pool of international talent. A top healthcare staffing agency will have long-standing relationships with governments and organizations around the world. They will even have recruiters stationed in multiple continents. In addition to providing on the job training, top healthcare staffing agencies offer their international talent pool help with immigration needs, language training, and assimilation support.

Interview prep

Even a talented medical technologist could bomb an interview with a healthcare facility. Top healthcare staffing agencies provide mock interviews for each of their candidates. This can be seen in what a candidate is wearing, how they answer the questions, and even their mannerisms during the interview. Candidates who have worked with a top healthcare staffing agency can both talk the talk and walk the walk.

Credential Experts

As you know, in order to work as a travel nurse, medical technologist, physical therapist, or other allied professional, you need to have the proper licenses, certifications, and credentials. Top healthcare staffing agencies cross every “t” and dot every “I.” These agencies are experts in researching all of the necessary credentials per position and per state. They work hand-in-hand with their candidates to make sure they do not fall behind. They will even speak on behalf of their candidates to ask the prospective employer all of the necessary questions.

Hospitality program

Top healthcare staffing agencies do not leave their candidates hanging after they successfully place them in a job. Top agencies assist candidates with housing, transportation, banking, and even tips for recreation. Moving for work can be stressful, especially for the travel nurses and allied health professionals. Top healthcare staffing agencies have entire departments dedicated to the hospitality of their candidates.

Problem solving skills

Healthcare staffing is not immune from challenge. Whether it is a difference of opinion between a recruiter and medical facility or a hiccup regarding a candidate’s immigration status, top healthcare staffing agencies know how to stay cool under pressure. A top healthcare staffing agency will surely have seen it all in regards to problems that may arise during the process. The key is knowing how to handle these problems efficiently and professionally. It is also important for top healthcare staffing agencies to be transparent and admit when there is a problem.

Good listener

The most important thing for a recruiter to do is to listen to the needs of both their candidates and the healthcare facility. Every situation is different. Approaching each circumstance with a cookie-cutter approach is a good way to lose a relationship. Did you ask for a bilingual travel nurse with a specialty in oncology and they sent you and emergency room nurse who only speaks English? Top healthcare staffing agencies ask the right questions and remain engaged and committed.

Post placement analysis

Top healthcare staffing agencies know the art of the follow up. They will have exit surveys, follow up phone calls, and post placement analysis. Top agencies are always striving to do better and want to know how they can improve. They will also follow their candidates throughout their work tenure to make sure this position was the right fit for both the employee and the employer.

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