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6 Reasons You Should Take a Travel Healthcare Recruiter’s Call

6 Reasons You Should Take a Travel Healthcare Recruiter’s Call

If you are responsible for hiring travel nurses at your facility, you know how much of your time and energy it can consume. A travel healthcare recruiter’s call can be like a lifeline if it comes at the right time. Why not take advantage of their expertise and include them in your travel nursing staffing strategy? Travel healthcare recruiters have the resources to provided highly qualified healthcare staff while you focus on your other goals.

Your travel healthcare recruiter has access to:

  1. Network. Travel healthcare recruitment firms have relationships with large numbers of travel nurses. They know which ones have been the most successful in facilities like yours and can ensure an accurate match of need to talent.
  2. Infrastructure. Travel healthcare recruiters are accustomed to handling credentialing, getting travel professionals set up in housing and giving them all the support they need to be successful and focused on their jobs.
  3. Focus. Placing travel healthcare professionals is what recruiters do; they relieve you of the recruitment burden. They can source, screen and vet much quicker and more accurately than you can when you’re trying to fit it around your other responsibilities.
  4. Support. Travel health professionals need a lot of support in terms of housing, and other expenses. Travel recruitment firms have relationships with vendors nationwide who can provide all the little things that make a travel professional’s stay more pleasant. When stress is removed from travel nurses, they can serve you and your patients better.
  5. Screening. Travel recruiters can do all of the legwork for you. They are experienced and know what to look for. Trust them to handle travel nurse assignments for you.
  6. Nationwide. Even if your facility is located in a tough-to-staff area, your recruiter can search nationwide. They can also handle the regulatory variations in each state, so if you are part of a network, one firm can handle your entire travel nursing staffing strategy.

Don’t wait for a travel recruiter to call; call MedPro first!

When you partner with a travel nursing recruiting firm you can be confident you will get the best talent with the smallest investment of time and cost. If you’re looking for the best travel nurse companies to trust with your hiring, contact the professionals at MedPro Healthcare Staffing

You can rely on our travel nursing recruitment services to help you staff for hard-to-fill positions. Put our expertise to the test—we contract with more than 2,500 facilities across the country, and we’re ready to help you find the best travel nursing staffing solutions. To learn more, call MedPro Healthcare Staffing today at 1-800-866-8108 or request more information below.


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