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5 Ways Travel Nursing Boosts Your Resume

5 Ways Travel Nursing Boosts Your Resume

One of the many benefits of being a traveling nurse is that it can be a big boost for your resume in five different – and terrific – ways.

  1. You can list on your resume the different facilities where you worked and give evidence of the different procedures, processes and ways of treating patients that you were exposed to. Through working at different facilities, you are able to learn multiple nursing procedures, which can add to your value to employers.
  2. For example, one traveling RN may have worked at an acute care facility in Cincinnati, a medical facility known for its cutting edge care in treating burn victims. That same RN may also have worked at a progressive care unit in Miami, where he or she provided post-surgery nursing care services to cardiac patients. And that nurse may also have worked at a progressive care unit in Columbus, Ohio, providing specialty drug infusions. This nurse also worked in a cancer care unit at a CDE medical clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, where he or she gave chemotherapy for cancer patients, as well as PRBC, platelets and immunoglobulin infusions, and evaluating patient reactions to the treatment. Wouldn’t you sit up and take notice if that nurse’s resume crossed your desk?!
  3. Your resume will also indicate the size of the facility you worked at, showing you have the versatility to work at a smaller facility, and the mettle to handle the stress at a larger facility.
  4. Your resume will be able to give an indication of the various physicians and other healthcare professionals you worked with, showing your ability to handle different situations and work with different people.
  5. Showing the different places where you worked as a traveling health professional shows that you have character traits employers value – that you have the energy and drive, adaptability, tenacity, and willingness to accept challenges.

Showing the different places where you worked gives employers an idea of your maturity. Someone who has traveled develops a broader perspective about the world, comes into contact with different people and customs and ways of doing things. Such a person is not one dimensional, but someone likely better at handling diverse situations and people, traits employers need.

Your experience as a traveling nurse will only make you more valuable to an employer when (or if) you decide you’d like to start working for just one facility again. It also makes you quite attractive as a traveler. The more traveling you do, the more skills and strategies you’ll learn, and the ever more valuable you become to your traveling service and its client facilities.

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