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Choosing the Right Healthcare Travel Agency

Choosing the Right Healthcare Travel Agency

Choosing the Right Travel Therapy Agency for You

As a travel therapist, you are faced with many details in your career search. Partnering with a travel therapy staffing agency can help alleviate some of the stress and decisions that can arise in your career. But, how do you choose an agency?

It’s time to do your research.

The Internet is full of travel therapy agencies, and the choices can seem overwhelming. It’s important to first identify what you’re looking for in a partner agency. Think about the following questions:

– Am I looking for a particular city or region?
– Do I expect a certain level of service (ie. Hands on or low key)?
– What kind of benefits do I need or am I looking for?

Once you have identified some of the aspects you are looking for in a travel agency partner, then you can start reviewing agencies of interest.  Here are some key items to review:

1. The travel therapy agency’s website.

Is the agency’s website professional, easy to navigate, and does it provide contact information? A polished, professional website often indicates an agency that doesn’t overlook details. Often, you can get an excellent sense of how an agency will interact with you based off the information and tone on their website.

2. Their willingness to answer your questions.

If you’re not ready to apply, but want to speak to an agency representative, stop by (if they have a local office) or give them a call. Reputable agencies should be willing and able to speak to you and answer your questions. If not right away, then within a reasonable amount of time. Your questions should be important to them – after all, without travel therapists, they wouldn’t be in business!

3. Their management team.

Are seasoned healthcare professionals included in key management personnel? When a travel staffing agency is comprised of both staffing and travel therapy professionals, you are more likely to work with a team that understands the needs and challenges facing travel therapists. Don’t be afraid to ask for details on the backgrounds of your team within an agency.

Searching for the “right” travel agency partner?

At MedPro, we help travel therapists find exciting travel job opportunities with healthcare facilities across the country.


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